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who we are

AVPN certified and mighty proud

Genuine NEAPOLITAN PIZZA in Lower Saxony and thus one of only six AVPN-certified pizzerias throughout Germany. This makes us very proud.

The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the guardians of Neapolitan pizza purity, meticulously monitors how the original pizza is made. In December 2017, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage. 270 grams of dough, maximum 35 centimeters in diameter. The BESTIA team bakes the dough for the perfect Neapolitan pizza as it was 200 years ago:
Type 00 flour, a little yeast, sea salt and water.


How to Vera Pizza Napoletana

The dough of Neapolitan pizza ferments for over 24 hours. This makes it more digestible and gives it its distinctive consistency. Through gentle kneading, the dough is shaped. Topped with tomato sauce and a few select ingredients, the pizza is then baked at over 450 degrees for 60-90 seconds in Stefano Ferrara's handmade domed oven.


Vera Pizza Napoletana is soft in the middle and has a light, fluffy, browned crust that creates bubbles as it bakes. Buon Appetito!

Green, white, red -
colori italiani

Fresh San Marzano tomatoes DOP, Fior di latte from Agerola, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, Taggiasche olives from Liguria, Parmigiano Reggiano. All our ingredients come from the region around Naples according to AVPN regulation.


1700 kilometers distance between Hildesheim and Naples? Exactly, this can't be right. A visit at BESTIA is like a memory of the last perfect holiday in Italy. Smell, taste, emotion. 

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